Who I am:

Matt Mattson

What I do now: make movies, write screenplays, web materials, and score music to film.

Movies: there are almost 100 films I have made or collaborated on hosted at various sites and servers worldwide, with many on Youtube.

Since 1996, 24 hours a day, someone is either downloading film, music, a website or using something I've collaborated on in their work, & that's pretty humbling for a skinny little kid from Clermont, Florida. The first website I created was Treasure Dive Sites, which was moderately successful as the #1 treasure website in the world for years. Almost 20 years after the original publish, 6-8000 people still use it every day. The sad thing (for me) is the great divers who helped make it so (Cal DeViney & Bob (Frogfoot) Weller) with their knowledge, information, and tips, have passed over the bar.

My background: treasure diver & aviation fiend . . .

Flew everything single engine I could get my hands on including large radials, and biplanes. Learned low level flight ops for Ag and film work from WWII pilots Johnny Neill, John Boggs, and many others (the same guys who perfected skip bombing at Rabaul Harbor) at Ayres in the early 80's and helped them pass their special skills on to A-10 IP's out of Dothan AFB later. Operated everything up to A-300, B-757, DC-10's, and Lockheed L-10ll's at Eastern Airlines and others while training mechanics to taxi and run engines.

Aviation Films:


Kingdom of AIS

Worked with some of the greats chasing treasure in the 80's and had a blast -- located the Civil War blockade runners at Bayport Florida for the State of Florida and used that knowledge to do the underwater films you'll see below on gold and located thousands of other sites available here free, along the way becoming a 100 Ton licensed Coast Guard Master:

Diving & Exploration:

The Confederate Shipwrecks at Bayport, Florida

Boating Films:


Documenting my on and off again 4400 mile journey by boat around the United States.

Marine Products to help you get underway on the adventure of a lifetime:

Click for Cruising Guides, DVD's, Maps, Boats, etc:


Treasure Dive Sites

20 years after the original publish, it is still much used by researchers to find shipwrecks and historical sites.

Forum Board For Divers, Salvors, and Site Files

(the only forum I oversee)

The original T-Shirt designs from TDS are still available today (and still finance the site and moviemaking):

Plus a new T-shirt for our challenging times today (click it to see the shirt):

The last 20 years: I used the underwater skills I had to find gold in the rivers and streams of America, and my knowledge of electronics and metal detecting tools to zero in on gold bearing ground. By watching the "Finding Gold" series of videos, you can too! Now I've moved on to cutting gems, and if you watch the entire series, you'll learn how to find and cut your own gemstones as well. I specialize in Opals and Sapphires.

Directory of Metal Detectors - Location Guides - Prospecting Tools for treasure of all kinds!




Finding Gold V: Gold With Hand Tools

Metal Detectors For Gold

Finding Gold In Dry Areas

Finding Gemstones

Guitars: I started playing guitar to re-train my left hand to work. The fastest way to start playing is watch these three DVD's in sequence and following the instructor's directions as you progress in skill:

The first will teach you to play, the second will teach you to move patterns all over the fretboard, the last will teach you specialized techniques to make the guitar "talk".

If you want to learn more on music and films:

Guitars, Music Software, Movie & Music Training: Garageband Logic Final Cut Pro DVD's

Early films on how to play if disabled:

Limited Mobility Guitar Playing I

Limited Mobility Guitar Playing II


Funeral For A Vet

Fun Films:

Hog Hunting!

Arcadia Rodeo

Link: CMStickers from "Arcadia Rodeo" if you need cost effective advertising or stickers for any application. Everything from boats to tractor trailers has been lettered cost effectively - go to the site for a free quote!

Historical Films you'll see nowhere else:

Fort Bayard

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Fort Steele

beach destination wedding dresses UK


Many more examples of all genres at: Films & Forums


"Megalodon" shirts & cups are still available:

Click here to get yours . . .

Where to find gold, and tools to recover it:

Gold, Gemstone, Shipwreck, Treasure Site Locations, Metal Detectors & More!

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Matt Mattson:

Email: flagold@gate.net

Treasure Divers, Researchers, & Underwater Explorers still use:

Treasure Dive Sites

See you on the water, in the studio, or out in the field making movies . . . and the very best of luck to you!